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  • Season 4 - Patch note 20.07 | AFTER-H: BATTLE ARENA

S4_Banner-Patnote_1920x1080_EnIt's finally here! The patchnote for our season 4 release is here! Find out all the details (we may have kept one or two secrets), and all the new features included in our new season !



New balance, new meta and a new game! 




Improvements and corrections

  • We also include a batch of corrections to address certain issues, mostly within our competitive circuit.
  • Weapons :

    • New weapon balance (and a new weapon available on April 24th, patience !).

  • Admin :

    • Fixed a bug preventing to send messages, kill and unlog players during competitions.


  • General :

    • Upload of new skins for weapons and characters.
    • Various bug fixed to improve the game.




  • En vert In green when a weapon got a buff since previous patch.
  • In red wen a weapon is nerfed since previous patch.
  • Previous values are displayed between parentheses
  • Les valeurs précédentes sont alors précisées entre parenthèses
  • We only list the changes. Unlisted values are unchanged !



  • Dispersion : 1,6 (1,45 before)


Striker, submachine gun:

  • Dispersion : 1,6 (1,8 before)


WARDEN, handgun:

  • Cadence : 330 rpm (312 before)


NEEDLE, scout Rifle:

  • Cadence : 300 rpm (282 before) 


FURY, machine gun:

  • threshold of transition between mobile spread to static spread  : 0.2 (0.3 before) 




As always, we want to thank you all for your feedback they are extremely precious to us !



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