Patch notes

Season 3 - Patch note 18.276 | AFTER-H: BATTLE ARENA

Patch note listing the new weapon: the AK77, as well as various fixes


A new assault rifle: the ak77

The AK77 is now available in arenas, come and test the new weapon in your arena, and win skins! More info on our socials!


improvements and bug fixes



  • Fixed a bug on the UI of the Fury and the Warden affecting the left-handed.



  • During a technical pause, the admin can now communicate with both teams.


  • Various fixes and stability improvements

Known bugs:

  • On some heroes, when the player revives, the posing of the hands on the gun is off.

    • This does not affect the male Trooper

    • Workaround: Swaping weapons will solve this issue

    • This bug will soon be fixed in the next patch



balance changes

In green when a weapon get a buff compared to the previous patch.
In red when a weapon get a nerf compared to the previous patch

Previous values are displayed between parentheses.

We only list the changes. Unlisted values are unchanged.


[New] AK77, assault rifle:

  • Damage: Head 25, body 22, extremities 19

  • Firerate: 492 rpm

  • Magazine: 35

  • Bullet speed: 1000 m/s

  • Reload time: 1,8 sec

  • Damage drop: -17% at 20m, -25% at 30m

  • Spread: 1

  • Rate of spread increase: 0.5


Striker, submachine gun:

  • Damage drop : -15% at 6 (5) m, -25% at  10m, -35% at 15m


fury, light machinegun:

  • Firerate : 450 rpm (540 previously)

  • Bullet speed : 1000 m/s (2000 previously)

  • Threshold of transition between mobile to static spread : 0.3 (0.5 previously)



  • Damage drop : -35 (-30) % at 3 (3,8) m, -50% at 6m, -80% at 10m, -100% at 15m


warden, handgun:

  • Firerate : 312 rpm (300 previously)


ATLAS, Sniper:

  • Firerate : 84 rpm (72 previously)



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