Patch notes

Season 4 - Patch note 20.13 | AFTER-H: BATTLE ARENA

New patch, new weapon and some small corrections for a better experience

Featured: a new weapon for the most experienced players



Here comes the Socom

You had a chance to try it out in MOON OF THE DEAD, the SOCOM is finally available in BATTLE ARENA. This new pistol is a challenge for the best of the bests: Show us what you got only using this new weapon and being crowned the ultimate MVP.





[NEW] SOCOM, pistol

  • Damage:

    • head = 20

    • body = 15

    • limbs = 12

  • Firerate: 330 rpm

  • Loader: 12 bullets

  • Bullet speed: 500 m/s

  • Reloading time: 0.5 sec

  • Damage drop: None from 0 to 16 meters, -25% at 16 meters

  • Dispersion: None

  • Spread speed augmentation: None



This update comes with a couple of hotfixes listed below:

  • Fix of a bug on the AK-77 when using the Forge skin

  • Fix of a bug on the AK-77 when reloading

  • Fix of some bugs on the obs mode.


Thanks again everyone, and show us your best scores using the SOCOM! 

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