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06 Nov

At EVA, we are constantly refining our products to be better according to our user’s experience. Today, we are so excited to be able to share with you our latest 3D printed gun shell design and how it works!

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25 Sep

Paris Games Week event is the third biggest game convention in the world and was a great opportunity for us to get some honest opinions from esports influencers about what they thought right after an EVA original game, After-H: Battle Arena. 

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17 Sep

Over the years of being a turnkey provider for VR arcades. We have noticed repetitive questions and concerns from different clients regarding the set up, best location, business models, business plans etc. Last week, we decided to sit down with Thibaut Berthelon, EVA’s Customer Success Manager, who...

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09 Sep

After 3 years of supplying white label products to more than 200 VR arcades, we finally decided to build our very own brand named EVA - Esports Virtual Arena. Besides being a true believer in and advocator for VR esports, EVA strongly believes that a successful VR arcade relies on the global...

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12 Aug

In October 2019 at Paris Games Week, we presented a world premiere concept: EVA, the first esports stadium in virtual reality over a surface area larger than 1000sqm! During this event, we’ve received many technical inquiries about how it works. EVA team has decided to share with you more about the...

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11 Aug

Since it's first presentation to the general public at Paris Games Week in October 2019, our virtual reality esports arena concept, EVA, will embark on a new journey as we prepare for the opening of its first arena by the end of 2020! Despite the COVID-19 situation, the number of EVA locations...

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