Patch notes

Season 4 - Patch note 20.07 | AFTER-H: BATTLE ARENA

The patchnote for our season 4 release is here!

Find out all the details (we may have kept one or two secrets), and all the new features included in our new season



New balance, new meta and a new game

With Season's 4 arrival, we celebrate the birth of our new game: Moon of the Dead ! Our new zombie game is a real new adventure offering new fears and holding a couple of secrets regarding the future of Battle Arena. Come and try it out to discover what fear really means !





Improvements and corrections

  • With this season 4, we also include a batch of corrections to address certain issues, mostly within our competitive circuit.



    • New weapon balance (and a new weapon available on April 24th, stay patient!)



    • Fixed a bug preventing to send messages, kill and unlog players during competitions.



    • Upload of new skins for weapons and characters.

    • Various bug fixed to improve the game.


Vers l'infini et la saison 4!



Balance changes

In green when a weapon get a buff compared to the previous patch.
In red when a weapon get a nerf compared to the previous patch

Previous values are displayed between parentheses.

We only list the changes. Unlisted values are unchanged.



  • Degree of dispersion (lower is better): 1.6° (+0.15°)


Striker, submachine gun:

  • Degree of dispersion : 1.6° (-0.2°)


warden, handgun:

  • Firerate (higher is better): 330 rpm (+18 rpm)


needle, scout rifle:

  • Firerate : 300 rpm (+18 rpm)


fury, machine gun:

  • Threshold of transition between mobile to static spread (higher is better): 0.2 m/s (-0.1 m/s)


New weapon:

... Signal lost-



As always, we want to thank you all for your feedback they are extremely precious to us !

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