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Season 3 - Patchnote 18.68 | AFTER-H: BATTLE ARENA

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  • Season 3 - Patchnote 18.68 | AFTER-H: BATTLE ARENA


Patchnote listing the changes you will find in the 18.68 version of After-H Battle Arena. A major performance update as well as several bug fixes. 




During the last few weeks we worked on performance on the season 3 build. After having investigating on all the possible triggers of performance issues, we reworked entirely our occlusion system to drastically improve performance ! It is the main goal of this update.


Improvements and bug fixes

  • Reworked the occlusion system to improve performances on all settings
  • Fixed a bug preventing game masters to communicate with players
  • Reworked the ghost system to fix bugs that would prevent players from respawning
  • Fixed and reworked the spec mode
  • Minor changes and fixes on Shield and Sticky grenade
  • Various audio fixes 
  • Various minor bug fixes




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